Doing everything to get ahead


Some say that chivalry is dead

replaced by chauvinism instead

some say that empathy is lost

and in that course there goes their trust

Hell, even matrimony is diseased

commercialised alimony, or seized

of goods, or children,

or dignity, or freedom

In many things injustice

But we don’t take the time to notice


Unless we are its victim








Reality vs. Tomorrow


The destiny of the boy unsure,

he stood at the precipice

“I have had enough of this”

for the wasted time he had spent ashore

the folks on the sea were sailing ships

and treasures were found on their global trips


And just like I had done before

and stood at the edge of the sea in a daze

it seemed like days

have passed and no chance to explore

his plans of perfection

and pursuit of prosperity

or his foray into failure

and his fear of focus.





Countryside Road #3 – Painting & Poetry

Camille Pissarro (French, Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas 1830–1903 Paris) – 1874

Cowherds gathered and the farmers in tow

with pearl like laughter and cheeks that glow

like the calm countryside, which had much to show

with its shallow rivers that ebb and flow

with water fresh and cool as snow

the daily life of the villager was slow

but poised and purposeful


The urban landscape, so harsh and barren

strikes a dichotomy of dire proportions

like the Saharan sun and the Arctic ocean

like the sudden rejection of a loving loved one

like the high jagged peaks of the Himalayan mountain

For if the human cage, the city had spoken

He would call on men

to build the road to the countryside






Sunset Still #2 – Painting & Poetry

Two Men Contemplating the Moon- Caspar David Friedrich (ca. 1825–30)


Stir the sunset still my friend, and watch its crimson glow

hearken back to a jolly good time where our laughter had no end

we traversed the place where the sun would sink, an imminent warning below

the crimson darkness, a passage of time where the horns would fully extend.


The moon is bright, and the night has come with tales

as far as the eyes can see

like a fantasy

for a man like me with a weakened sight, a covering of a thousand veils.


Stir the sunset still my friend

and remember the place near the tree when I go

to the ditch six feet below

The plane of reality, a barrier of totality

where the fearful souls will surely ascend






The Self-Help Industry Flaw



Let me help you help yourself. But before you help yourself let me help you.

You need saving. Let me save you, but before I save you, you need to save yourself, so let me save you.

Self-help has a natural flaw. A missing element. And no amount of self-help books will ever get you to fit that final piece. No amount of motivational speakers will ever get you to help yourself they way you want to be helped. I can’t tell you what this missing element is, nor do I pretend to know its contents, but don’t fall for the easy solution or the one minute fix routine.